Welcome to the website, hopefully you find the articles in this website interesting, inspiring or useful.

This is a project from a life long interest in tech and gadgets, and really took old during the 2020 pandemic when I brought my first server after a recommendation from a friend, and thus the HP ProLiant ML350 Gen 9 came to me, this then gave me the server bug and then followed two Dell PowerEdge II server’s which were stripped for parts for other servers.

After a while of getting to grips with how servers work and how to manage them so they don’t sound like jet engines taking off and upsetting my parents I started to surf facebook for other HP ProLiant servers, and found the ProLiant ML350 Gen 6 going really cheap, and after what seemed like a lifetime of waiting and offers I took my mate and drove about an hour to collect it and server two was born.

My love for servers had really taken off and I found I really liked the HP brand of servers, and was regularly checking facebook and eBay for cheap server to either get parts of whole working ones, both ML 350 servers were now full of hard drives of different sizes and even got a external DAS (Direct-Attached-Storage) system tooked up to server 1 via USB for even more space.

I started looking at the HP MicroServer line and after a while found a really good deal on a MicroServer with some hard drives, Network Management card and a low profile low powered GPU, after a good clean (rather full of dust – yuck) I installed Windows Server 2019 on it and it runs IIS (Internet Information Services) webserver which includes PHP/MySQL and other bits to be able to run a WordPress website from it, more info on that and other websites and domain names can be found on this site.

So that brings us to this… I wanted a place to jot down everything I’ve done, which is all mostly self taught in the hopes someone who has good tech knowledge can get some ideas in things they can try for themselves. – Thanks for stopping by and happy teching!